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One company you can rely on for all your freight shipping and truckload services in Enumclaw, WA is Freight Shipping Pros. All you need to do is provide us with the information of your shipments and we’ll do the rest. We have the finest facilities to make sure your freight will safely and quickly reach their destination.

We specialize in LTL shipping in Enumclaw. We are dedicated to providing safe, dependable freight shipping while excelling to provide the highest level of customer support in Washington. If you are interested in using our freight quotes, you can easily filling out our form and our Enumclaw representatives will gladly answer all your concerns.

Refrigerated Cargo? No Problem, Let Freight Shipping Pros Assist You

Most companies in Enumclaw provide substandard freight shipping services and will only help you if you suit certain criteria. That is not the case with Freight Shipping Pros. LTL is available for shipments weighing 100 pounds but not over 7,000 pounds. If your shipment doesn’t fit into that class, you will need our Full Truckload (FTL) freight shipping services.

Cargo that needs refrigeration can also be shipped by Freight Shipping Pros using its chilled trucking units. You can relax knowing that your shipments will arrive in great condition regardless of what your stipulations are. Lastly, never worry because your shipments will always be insured when you ship in Enumclaw, Washington.

Cost-Effective LTL and FTL Freight Shipping You Can Rely on in Enumclaw, Washington

You might be wondering how Freight Shipping Pros can afford to offer low rates with the state-of-the-art LTL shipping and truckload services that they provide. We have established a strong reputation with the carriers we work with and they obtain most of their contracts from us which allows us to offer our consumers such a good deal. We also have a properly trained staff that is familiar with all our equipment to be able to handle any issue that takes place in Enumclaw.

We do our best to save money, but never at the cost of our customers. The savings we accumulated made us capable of offering discounts on freight shipping and truckload rates in Enumclaw, WA. Every scenario is different and we will customize your shipment based on your needs. To find out more about our solutions, fill in the form at the right of this web site.


When is the best time to use a freight shipping service provider in Enumclaw, WA?

Should you need a service to transport packages or goods plus they cannot be transported by any parcel service given that they surpass the load limit, you should employ a freight shipping service. Packages that weight more that 150 lbs will never be accepted by Parcel services. In case your package is heavier than this, then this is the time to get hold of Freight Shipping Pros using our Freight Quote Form and obtain an LTL shipping service for your package. Furthermore, make sure to view various places such as, freight shipping Watersmeet to find out if this site provides services in the area.

What procedures tend to be standard for freight shipping companies?

Coming to the clients address to get the goods and load it into the truck would be the standard method that most shipping companies perform. The truck will journey to the designed destination and also the goods will be carefully unloaded. Additional services for instance, packing will likely be another cost.

What freight shipping services are accessible?

Various freight shipping choices are made available by Freight Shipping Pros to customers in Washington. You have the LTL shipping for packages and cargo that need less than a truck load space; FTL shipping for cargo which requires the full truck load of space; plus there is also the Intermodal freight shipping service for cargo or freight that must travel country wide. When you have colleagues or family members in other regions such as freight shipping Bayport, let them know that we present solutions throughout the U.S.

What is the main difference between LTL and FTL shipping?

Aside from the weight difference of the cargos for LTL and FTL shipping, with LTL shipping, your cargo won’t be alone inside the truck when delivered. Other packages or cargo coming to the same area as your packages and cargo, will likely be delivered together. The package might arrive slower or later at the destination for this reason. A trailer truck will only carry cargo owned by a certain person and deliver cargo right to a destination with FTL shipping.

Just what is the purpose of Freight Class?

Freight class is the weight category that a cargo is associated with as based on the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, or NMFTA. Any cargo or freight must first be weighed properly to find out its freight class. To figure out a cargo’s freight class, any cargo or freight has to be weighed correctly. The shipping amount will rely on the distance the cargo or freight travels and its freight class. Out of 18 freight classes, it starts at freight class 50 which is the lightest and the most cost effective, and it ends at freight class 500, the heaviest and most expensive.

Should you weigh your cargo accurately?

Of course. Not accurately measuring the cargo’s weight could lead to two problems. You will see excess charges in the event the shipping company has to re-do weighing your cargo as a result of an inaccurate weight registered. A correct reweighing of the cargo needs to be done at the closest hub, therefore reweighing makes the truck delivery delayed.

Will I have to give the accurate shipment proportions?

Provided that it applies to you. You only need to measure and provide a precise shipment dimension if your cargo has to be shipped overseas for international shipment. However, for domestic shipments, the dimensions of the shipment will not be needed.

What amount of money will my cargo shipment cost?

Weight and distance are factors that will determine the shipment cost. To acquire a quote on how much it will cost you to ship your package fill out our form now and speak to one of Freight Shipping Pros’s customers representatives.

Do you ship anywhere beyond Enumclaw,WA?

Yes, we will ship your goods to anywhere in the U.S. We’ll get your cargo wherever you are in Washington and transport your goods safely to the destination.

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