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Do you need a reputable freight shipping and trucking business in Opelousas, LA? Freight Shipping Pros offers a number of different solutions ranging from your common shipments to moving your home or office throughout the nation. You can’t go wrong when you let Freight Shipping Pros be your Opelousas freight shipping and truckload supplier. We have been managing freight shipping in Opelousas for quite some time now.

We have a great reputation for a reason. Our objective is to offer a “one stop” answer to organizations thinking about Less than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) services.

Quick, Effortless, and Efficient Intermodal Freight Shipping Solutions

Aside from the standard freight company alternatives, Freight Shipping Pros also utilizes intermodal freight shipping in order to supply quick service for a lower price than other shipping organizations in Opelousas, Louisiana. What exactly is intermodal shipping? It is a kind of freight shipping that combines different types of transportation including commercial transport trucks, boats, and trains to save customers money. Freight Shipping Pros’s intermodal shipping is extremely useful for long-distance shipments and can save you a lot of money.

One widespread concern with this sort of transportation is that many businesses lose your cargo. That incident is a likelihood with other LTL shipping, but not with us. Our company has the devices to record each area the shipment stops and give you the latest update as well as an estimated arrival time. We’ve perfected our system and maintained our existence as one of the major truckload and freight shipping providers in Opelousas, LA.

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Freight Shipping Pros is devoted to ensuring the total satisfaction of every client who uses a freight shipping company and other truckload services. We try to supply outstanding freight quotes in Opelousas, LA regardless of whether you’re a first-time or long time consumer. Freight Shipping Pros will always aim to provide exceptional LTL freight at competitive pricing through safe and efficient operations. We spend money on revolutionary equipment in order to keep up with the fast-changing needs for truckload and freight shipping.

If we need to spend more money so our personnel is better qualified, we have no problems doing that. Our specialists frequently attend classes to enhance their abilities. Our operations staff works with the insurance company to be sure our customers have access to the best policies. Freight Shipping Pros delivers excellent LTL and Truckload service through our knowledgeable and professional employees. Let the experts in Opelousas, LA handle your freight shipping. Our reliable agents are available to answer any of your queries, requests for estimates, or other concerns. Contact us by filling out our form to get rolling.


When is a good time to utilize a freight shipping service in Opelousas, LA?

You need to use a freight shipping service if you have a package or goods that can’t be transported by any parcel service simply because they have exceeded the parcel’s weight limit. Packages that weight more that 150 lbs aren’t going to be accepted by Parcel services. Call Freight Shipping Pros to solve the situation of transporting a huge package by getting yourself an LTL shipping service for your item. For details, have a look at some of our venues: Powell, TN freight shipping.

What procedures are thought to be typical for freight shipping companies?

The common procedure that most shipping companies do is go to the client’s address to get the products and load it in the truck. The truck will then carry items to your designated destination and unload it. Additional services such as, packing will be an extra cost.

What freight shipping services are on the market?

Various freight shipping choices are delivered by Freight Shipping Pros to customers in Louisiana. There is the LTL shipping for packages and cargo that require less than a truck load space; FTL shipping for cargo which requires the full truck load of space; then there is even the Intermodal freight shipping service for cargo or freight that needs to travel throughout the country. Also, it’s worthwhile to pay a visit to various areas such as, freight shipping Rockford, TN to see if this site provides services in your community.

Do you know the differences between LTL and FTL shipping?

You will find there’s weight difference for LTL and FTL shipping, yet LTL shipment will not ship on it’s own. Other packages or cargo going to the same area as your packages and cargo, will be delivered together. For this reason, the package will sometimes arrive slower or later at the destination. In FTL shipping, the trailer truck will still only carry cargo which is belonging to a certain individual and it is delivered direct to your destination.

What is the meaning of Freight Class?

The weight category that cargo belongs to is Freight class as defined by the National Motor Freight Traffic Association, or NMFTA. First a cargo or freight needs to be weighed appropriately to generate its freight class. The shipping rate will largely depend upon the freight class and the distance which the cargo or freight will be traveling. Out of 18 freight classes, it starts at freight class 50 which is the lightest and also the most economical, and it ends at freight class 500, the heaviest and most expensive.

Is it important for me to weigh my cargo accurately?

Of course. Precisely appraise the cargo’s weight to prevent two problems. In case you register your cargo’s weight inaccurately, the shipping company will have to reweigh your cargo which can trigger additional fees. A suitable reweighing of your cargo has to be done at the closest hub, therefore reweighing makes the truck delivery delayed.

Will I have to give the accurate shipment proportions?

Only if it pertains to you. International shipment for overseas shipping will be the only shipping service that requires you to measure and give a precise shipment dimension of your cargo. However, for domestic shipments, the dimensions of the shipment aren’t needed.

What will my cargo shipment cost?

Weight and distance are factors which will determine the shipment cost. To get a quote about how much it will cost you to ship your package fill out our form now and speak with one of Freight Shipping Pros’s customers representatives.

Would you ship anywhere outside of Opelousas,LA?

Yes, our services provide shipment for your goods anywhere in the U.S. Regardless of your physical location in Louisiana, we come your way, grab your cargo and transport your goods safely to the destination.

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